The next regular meeting of Council will be held Thursday, February 11th, 2021.


Tax notices were mailed August 13, 2020. If you have not received your notice or believe there is an error please contact the office at 306-443-2212. We can receive tax payments in the form of cash, cheque, online banking, and e-transfers. We do not have the ability to process debit or credit cards. Please take note of the discount deadlines.


If you are planning a controlled burn please call 1-866-404-4911 to report it. You will be asked the land location and R.M. number of the planned burn, who your fire service provider is, how long the burn is expected to last and your name and phone number. When the burn is complete you will be asked to call back. This process prevents unnecessary fire call-outs. For further information on this process check out Controlled Burns - Saskatchewan.


The R.M. of Reciprocity No. 32 maps do not contain assessment values on them. If you are interested in finding assessment information you can use SAMA View to search any municipalities within the province of Saskatchewan that use SAMA as their property assessors.

You will now have to register for an account, this is new as of 2020. Individuals wishing to access assessment information for person use will sign up for a Public User account. Commercial users must sign up for an Organization account.

 When you have successfully created your account and login you will be taken to your dashboard page. To find properties click on SAMA View. The image below shows a portion of the screen where you will begin your search. You can use the map as it is shown and zoom in to find the location. You also have the ability to switch to a satellite imagery view by clicking the box in the upper right hand corner of the map. You can also search by using the tools on the right hand side of the page. You can narrow your search by choosing the municipality or if you can jump right to searching for the location by choosing a search option. When your search has been completed you will see the properties that match your search request under the "Found Legal Land Descriptions" heading below the search bars. If it did not find a property that matched it will indicate no properties were found. Click on the property you are interested in viewing and the information will pop up under the "Property Results" heading. Click on the "General Property Overview" button to see general information about the property. For the complete property profile click on the Property Report option at the bottom of the General Property Overview page. To retrieve the Property Report will cost you a credit. Information about credits can be found in the help tab of your SAMA account.